HL Classic Cream
HL Classic Cream
HL Classic Cream
Foundation Females

Price: $3,000


HL Classic Cream, Comes from a cow family that has predictable consistency, some of these dominant traits. I want to introduce into my program. A different kind of Horn base, I like how these horns ''finish out'', a very elegant look, but not too fragile, if you know what I mean, Hence the term base with grace. A another strong attribute of  Classic Cream is her confirmation and her strong topline

Date of Birth: 05/20/2003

Sire: Rutledges Dinger
Dam: Classic Sweet Cream
Breeder: --

Tip to Tip: --
Total Horn: --
Base: --
Composite: --
AI Certificate Number: 0
Private Herd Number: 173-3
Weight: --
Hip: --

Pedigree for HL Classic Cream

HL Classic Cream
HL Classic Cream
Rutledges Dinger
I'm A Hot Shot Too
YO Bold Queen 1931
Deigo's Hot Shot

Moore's Maiden 34/4

Bold Ruler

Kiowa Queen
Classic Sweet Cream
King Classic L110
Miss Classic Cream
Maribeth 108
King Classic L110
Crimson Critter

Progeny for HL Classic Cream

JH Rural cream

DOB: 05/09/2015
JH Rurally Screwed x HL Classic Cream