JH Monika's Sun
JH Monika's Sun
JH Monika's Sun
JH Monika's Sun

Price: $20,000


JH Monika's Sun @ 23 months three weeks 74''7/8 T2T the number two longhorn bull in the world, to have ever measured this tip to tip at this age. He has been AI certified, And collected successfully, Three Hundred Dollars a straw five straw minimum.This is an extraordinary opportunity to advance your breeding program. Genetics of this caliber will get your breeding program on the fast track to success. Genetics load the gun environment nutrition pull the trigger. @ 28 months 78''3/4 T2T # two bull in the world as of 3-15-16,  New 30 month tip to tip measurement 80''3/8.

Date of Birth: 10/30/2013

Sire: Ring Leader BCB
Dam: Lady Monika BL

Tip to Tip: --
Total Horn: --
Base: --
Composite: --
AI Certificate Number: 855
Weight: --
Hip: --

Pedigree for JH Monika's Sun

JH Monika's Sun
JH Monika's Sun
Ring Leader BCB
Working Man Chex
Ringa Dinger

Working Woman

Rutledges Dinger

GF Haley Hitter
Lady Monika BL
Vj Tommie (aka Unlimited)
Poco Lady BL
No Double
Ot Superior's Droopy
Bueno Chex
Lady Lite

Progeny for JH Monika's Sun


DOB: 01/26/2016
JH Monika's Sun x Tessa Bella

JH Merry Holly

DOB: 12/15/2015
JH Monika's Sun x JH Pocodara

JH La,De,Da

DOB: 12/20/2015
JH Monika's Sun x JH Natasha

JH Poco's Sun

DOB: 02/19/2016
JH Monika's Sun x JH Poco Lady