Crown Royal 007
Crown Royal 007
Crown Royal 007
Crown Royal 007


                             Old School

Crown Royal 007's pedigree speaks for itself. In my humble opinion he is the finest Phenomenon son ever. He's got horn, conformation, size, and an unusually gentle disposition. We have carefully selected an elite group of females with pedigrees that compliment all of Crown Royal's outstanding genetic qualities. As a direct result of this breeding, Crown's offspring are very correct, their horns are coming on strong, they display brilliant coloring, and wild patterns. They are sure to set the new standard of excellence in today’s longhorns.

Date of Birth: 02/06/1996

Sire: Phenomenon
Dam: Bet I Can
Breeder: Herb and Linda Sutton

Tip to Tip: --
Total Horn: --
Base: --
Composite: --
AI Certificate Number: 701
Private Herd Number: 007
Registration Number: BT60659
Weight: --
Hip: --

Semen is available: $25.00 per straw, No minimum.

Pedigree for Crown Royal 007

Crown Royal 007
Crown Royal 007
Doherty 698
Blue Horns

Droop Horns

Senor Mulege

Wright #489
Bet I Can
Lightining C Black Velve
Man O'war
Wilma 152
B-d Sam's Ranger 14
Wr 2056

Progeny for Crown Royal 007

JH Painted Desert

DOB: 04/27/2007
Crown Royal 007 x Unknown