Longhorn Beef for Sale At Diamondback Ranch

Longhorn beef for sale has become much more common in today's world than it was just a few decades ago. This is excellent news for those who want to enjoy the benefits of eating robust portions of meat but want to avoid the problems caused by saturated fat, growth hormones, and other unnatural alterations or additives from industrial feedlots.

We provide fine beef and cattle throughout the country to those who want to enjoy the undoubted benefits of this excellent food. The animals that form my herd have been carefully selected for their superior genetics, and live in an environment where they can thrive. With plenty of grass to forage on, no feedlot grain, and plenty of outdoor space and water provided by streams and ponds, my longhorns grow the natural, clean, extremely lean beef for which their breed is famous.

Offering organic longhorn beef for sale is something of a personal mission for me, a way of life as much as a business. Longhorns adapted to the harsh conditions of the Old West and the relative neglect and lack of human care when all the cowhands were drafted into the armies of the Civil War by producing healthy, high quality meat from sparse forage. Some of the facts about longhorn meat include:

Grass Fed & Finished Texas Longhorn Beef

Grass-fed longhorns are also far less likely to be infected with E. coli, and my animals live healthy, clean lives on a 3,000 acre ranch rather than being crowded into infectious feedlot stalls. The results are both wholesome and humane. Naturally lean, the longhorn beef for sale from the Diamondback Ranch's cattle tastes excellent, but has very little saturated fat.

Longhorn beef for sale has slightly more protein per serving than regular beef, but 1/6 as much fat and 1/3 less cholesterol. Anyone who wants to enjoy a hearty beef meal but safeguard their health for the future, too, should seek out grass fed longhorn beef for sale. Some ranchers feed their cattle grass, but then "finish" them with grain - putting them in the feedlot for a month before slaughter to fatten them up greatly. Diamondback Ranch's longhorn cattle, by contrast, are not only grass fed but grass finished, and I urge anyone who buys stock from me to carry on this responsible method of finishing the cattle before slaughter.

My operation offers some of the best longhorn beef cattle for sale found in the United States today. Picked for their fine physical traits and health, bred from highly prized stock, and raised in ideal conditions, DBR longhorns are a prime source for high quality Texas longhorn cattle beef. Not only are these beasts a great way to get topnotch meat, they are also good stock for starting longhorn operations elsewhere and building a better future for the breed and for American cattle raising overall.