Texas Longhorn Calves For Sale From California's DBR

Any thriving herd of Texas Longhorn has a fair amount of calf population. Our Texas Longhorn calves come from prominent, healthy bloodlines with proven history for health and vitality. Though our expansive ranch is located in the rolling hills of California, raising Longhorn calves is simple in just about any state. This is because of the rich history within this breed of cattle, making it through the early colonies from Europe and through a treacherous journey to the West.

Longhorn calves products of their surroundings

Longhorn calves are the ideal addition to a growing herd of cattle, known for its easy calving, cost-effectiveness, and disease resistance. A far cry from cattle-rearing in which grazing is kept to a minimum, our operation allows for grazing as it should be. Purchasing one of our Longhorn calves for sale, you can feel confident knowing the best practices have been maintained for many years, practices that promote health and longevity, and famed lean beef.

The meat of a properly raised, grass-fed Longhorn is stocked with vital nutrients like Omega-3, while maintaining the leanness of boneless, skinless chicken breast. This lean meat is only possible through proper raising, which is quite simple, when you think about it. Should you buy Longhorn calves from Diamondback Ranch, what they will most need is room to graze, and possibly a few trees under which they can find shade when needed.

Characteristics that make Texas Longhorns stand out

Lean meat is not the only reason one may want to add longhorn bull calves or heifer calves to their herd. This solid, famed breed of cattle should also be considered for:

  • Breeding that can continue into the teen years, increasing revenue.
  • Browse utilization, decreasing the amount of supplemental feed needed for vitality.
  • Easy calving, made possible through low birth weights and larger pelvic openings. Longhorns can often handle this process without intervention.
  • Gentle, easy manner coupled with high intelligence.
  • Resistance to disease and parasites, which decreases maintenance time and costs.
  • Adaptability to various climates, allowing for health through hot summers and cold winters.
  • Uniqueness in horn length, size, colors, and personality.

Increasing your return on investment is a given when adding longhorn calves into your herd. The cattle at Diamondback Ranch is treated to consistency that promotes the healthiest, purest lines.