The High Quality Genetics of Longhorn Cattle in California

The warm grasslands and savannah of California offer a great environment for raising topnotch longhorn cattle, and here at the Diamondback Ranch were dedicated to quality - the best genetics, the most natural, hormone-free conditions for my herd, and fine living conditions that keep these magnificent animals as healthy and vigorous as they should be. Our focus is firmly on making my beeves the finest specimens among longhorn cattle in California today.

A lot of fine work has been done since the 1960s in improving the longhorn stock, honing the potential of these cattle with careful breeding, out-crossing, and meticulous record-keeping. If you're looking for excellent longhorn cattle for sale in California, my animals include such genetic powerhouses as the famous Gunman in their pedigree. All of them are carefully chosen for traits that improve the longhorn genetic baseline, while avoiding damaging inbreeding and building an even better breed for the future.

Good genetics is also one of the keys to improving the overall quality of longhorn beef for sale in California. Longhorn cattle are naturally lean, since they needed to fend for themselves, especially in the early days of the Old West when manpower was limited and cattle needed to be tough and self-sufficient to survive.

My cattle have these lean-beef genetics, and I make the most of them by feeding them only natural grazing and using no hormones or other unnatural measures to bulk them out. The wholesome, nourishing meat that is produced in this way has up to two thirds less overall fat and half as much cholesterol as feedlot beef. Longhorn beef cattle in California are one of the primary sources of this healthful meat, and make up an important part of the organic food movement.

Texas Longhorn Bulls and Heifers with Top Quality Genetics in California

The herd sires of Diamondback Ranch are some of the genetically finest longhorn bulls in California. Monaco Chex traces his pedigree back to Gunman, one of the most important bulls in the development of superior longhorns during the third quarter of the 20th century. Ring Leader BCB comes from a world champion line of cattle.

With these carefully selected foundation animals, our ranch offers some of the best longhorn bull and heifer calves in California, whether you are looking to enhance the genetics of your own stock or simply add fine beef cattle to your herd. Born from genetically superior longhorn heifers in California, the young bulls and heifers of Diamondback Ranch represent their kind's next generation - quality animals resulting from years of hard work and careful, thoughtful breeding.

The history of Texas longhorn cattle reveals how an originally ragtag, haphazard collection of animals can be transformed into an outstandingly vigorous breed through a responsible, well-planned focus on genetic excellence. Diamondback Ranch is proud to carry on the tradition of these quality-oriented cattlemen with a herd that both retains and builds on the fine genetic heritage of longhorns, for the benefit of both the present and the future of these splendid beasts.