Longhorn Cattle for Sale Across The USA

Longhorn cattle for sale today come from a breed that was saved from the brink of extinction by generations of dedicated work by Forest Service personnel, private ranchers, and enthusiasts. The longhorn of today is a highly distinctive breed, with a wide sweep of horns, a vigorous, free-ranging disposition, superb naturally lean beef, and a long, healthy lifespan.

At Diamondback Ranch in California, I take pride in breeding longhorns that improve the breed for the future. Texas longhorn cattle for sale from my ranch are raised on 3,000 acres of California grassland, scrub, and forest, watered by numerous streams and ponds. This highlights one of the many attractive features of these animals - the fact that they thrive and grow healthy with minimal human intervention.

Our longhorn cattle for sale are on the range, not in the feedlot - it is in these conditions that they stay robust and vigorous, and develop the lean beef for which they are justly famed. Their meat, in fact, has less cholesterol and less saturated fat than skinless, boneless chicken breast, yet is bursting with Omega-3 and other health-building nutrients lacking in grain-fed or grain-finished cattle. Texas longhorns have a reduced need for shelter and can manage most weather without a barn or artificial structure of any kind. If they have a grove of trees to retreat into in hot weather or when winter winds grow especially sharp, they will be quite comfortable without a barn, sparing the rancher the expense of erecting one.

Texas Longhorn cattle are extremely efficient foragers, consuming grass and the leaves of shrubs, bushes, and low tree branches with equal relish. They do not need supplement feed in most situations and are quite self-sufficient if they have the run of some decent mixed grazing.

The robust health of the breed minimized vet bills, vaccination costs, and calving costs. Most longhorn heifers give birth quickly and with little stress, and you will often be unaware that the calving has occurred until you actually see the new longhorn running alongside its mother.

Texas Longhorn heifers & Bull Calves For Sale at DBR

With two to three decades of productive lifespan, longhorn heifers can be a source of income for a rancher, since replacement of base stock is rarely necessary. Buying a longhorn heifer can bring you several decades of young stock being born at low additional cost beyond your initial investment.

It is my belief that Texas longhorns are among the finest breeds of cattle for sale in the world today, and that spread of this stock can only benefit both ranchers and consumers of beef anywhere these animals are available. Our longhorn cattle beef for sale is a healthy, economically efficient alternative to unhealthy feedlot stock and makes the most of the possibilities of this fascinating all-American breed of cattle.