DBR Longhorn Cattle For Sale in Oklahoma Of The Highest Quality

Longhorns in Oklahoma have a history that goes back nearly a century - to the days when the breed was basically extinct in their native Texas. Texas ranchers rejected the lean, long-horned animals in favor of tallow-laden butterballs fattened up in feedlots. The last population of Texas longhorns was located in Oklahoma, in fact, and it was there, in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, that a few U.S. Forest Service personnel started reconstituting the breed in 1927.

Today, Our operation - Diamondback Ranch in California - offers high quality longhorn cattle for sale in Oklahoma as well as the other states of the union. These animals are amazing , naturally producing extra-lean but extra-nutritious beef if given grass forage and kept in the proper surroundings. Our animals are allowed to roam free and healthy on 3,000 acres of prime California grazing, and are never given growth hormones or saturated-fat-producing grain.

The outstanding qualities of longhorn cattle go far beyond the already impressive health benefits of eating the topnotch longhorn beef for sale in Oklahoma. Besides their magnificently sweeping curves of horn, these beasts have superior health and characteristics beyond anything offered by most other breeds. Forged on the anvil of self-sufficiency in the Old West during the 19th and early 20th centuries, today they are hearty, tough, robust, and adaptable.

Our Cattle are bred with the finest genetic characteristics in mind, and show all the finest traits of the breed. The longhorn beef cows that you can acquire from me are long-lived, with twenty years being an easily achievable age, and some possibly remaining vigorous and productive through their thirtieth year and sometimes beyond.

Longhorns are also notable for their disease resistance and the hybrid vigor they introduce to other stock. Their meat is far less likely to contain E. coli, assuming that they are allowed to graze and forage rather than being grain-finished, which ruins many of their advantages. Veterinary and vaccination costs are controlled effectively by the animals' natural resistance to pink eye, cancer eye, and foot rot, among other bovine ailments. Cross breeding them with other stock produces hybrid offspring who share the longhorns' vibrant health and notable longevity. When you are raising longhorn bulls in Oklahoma, you will discover that these versatile beeves utilize their pasturage to the full - eating not only grass, but also the leaves of bushes and trees to which they have access. Grazing like cattle and browsing like deer, longhorns can get more nutrition out of an acre of forage than typical beef cattle of other, less flexible breeds.

In the case of longhorn calves in Oklahoma, 99% of calving occurs unassisted. The breed's calves are slightly smaller than average and their heads are tapered in such a way that they slip easily out of the birth canal. In fact, longhorn heifers in Oklahoma and elsewhere typically give birth with no human assistance at all, and the calves are quickly active after birth.

The Texas longhorn cattle that Oklahoma ranchers breed and consumers eat have many advantages over the typical cattle of today. I supply fine animals bred from the best bloodlines and selected for genetic superiority - born from top quality stock and raised in excellent conditions, they are ready for shipment to your location in OK, or anywhere else in the USA.