Longhorn Heifers For Sale From DBR

Longhorn heifers represent a source of genetic vigor and excellent calving qualities that every herd today could benefit from. As the owner of a thriving herd of longhorns at Diamondback Ranch in California, I can attest directly to the breed's fine traits and the promise that it holds for the future. My animals are from top quality bloodlines and are available for delivery anywhere in the U.S. that topnotch breeding stock or beef are needed.

Longhorn heifers for sale are still fairly rare in the United States, but I and other dedicated longhorn ranchers are making every effort to correct this. This breed of cattle has the potential to revive and revolutionize the beef industry in the United States and perhaps all over the planet. Unlike the highly inbred European cattle used often in feedlots, longhorns produce plenty of healthy offspring, are very disease resistant, thrive on marginal forage, and introduce hybrid vigor to herds they are interbred with.

Texas Longhorn Heifer Superior Genectics

In matters related to calving, Texas longhorn heifers showcase the superior genetic traits of the breed very visibly. A heifer typically produces a calf reliably every year. Furthermore, calving is fairly easy, with both head size and shape of the young animal making the birthing process low-stress for both the mother and the offspring. Most of the time, seeing a new calf running alongside its mother is the first indication that a calving has occurred.

Though longhorn heifer prices remain somewhat higher than those of ordinary beef cattle, this is due to the careful breeding which has produced an out-bred, highly adaptable, extremely healthy type of bovine.

Longhorns have naturally lean meat as long as they are allowed to graze, and the fact that they can live on grass, bushes, and low-growing tree leaves means they live quite well on marginal lands, an important consideration in an age when the demand for agricultural land has become massive in response to human population growth and economic globalization. Reconstructed from a handful of longhorn heifers in Texas by dedicated breeders, the longhorn is a strain of cattle that I am honored to be able to farm on Diamondback Ranch. Coming from the finest lines used in the 1960s and 1970s, my cows show excellent form, great health, and the potential to bring these qualities to any herd they are interbred with.

Purchasing longhorn heifer calves is a great way to maximize the number of calves that you will get from each animal. Buying a young heifer ensures that you will get many years of hybrid vigor and easy calving out of the animal, returning your initial investment many times over. The high fertility of the breed is a near guarantee that young, untried heifers will grow into highly productive cattle who can boost the calf crop percentage reliably year after year.